The Field Foundation is a private, responsive grantmaking foundation that views itself as a strategic supporter rather than sustainer of programs. Its mission is to provide support for community, civic and cultural organizations in the Chicago area, enabling both new and established programs to test innovations, to expand proven strengths or to address specific, time-limited operational needs.
The Foundation was founded in 1940 by Marshall Field III – grandson to the famous department store merchant.
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In 1965, Marshall Field IV contributed $8 million dollars to the Field Foundation of Illinois. In 1969, the Field building (located at 135 S. La Salle) was sold for $32.5 million. Mr. Field’s contribution plus the profit of the sale of the Field building (a total of about $19.45 million) were set up as an endowment and transferred to the Foundation’s assets.
No; in fact, the Marshall Field’s department store was sold to a British company in the early 1980’s.
The Field Museum is a relative so to speak. In order to house the exhibits and collections assembled for 1893 Chicago World’s Fair for future generations, Marshall Field funded the establishment of a museum. Originally titled the Columbian Museum of Chicago in honor of its origins, it wasn’t until 1905 that it was renamed after its first benefactor- Marshall Field.