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July 2021

We Are Walking Skyscrapers

By Field News

Historic Field Building. Photo courtesy of  City of Chicago. 

We Are Walking Skyscrapers

A Farewell Message from President Angelique Power 


In a little less than a week’s time I will leave Chicago and subsequently my post as President of the mighty Field Foundation. In doing so I will leave a piece of my heart behind.

One doesn’t just live in Chicago. Regardless of whether you were born here or move here, we are all of this city. While we are told it is a city of neighborhoods, it is honestly a city of people – simultaneously down-to-earth and driven by mile-high aspirations.

Doers and dreamers, we are proud to be from not one community, but many overlapping communities. We are House music, and machine politics, block parties and syncopated sounds rising from buckets at every corner. We are walking skyscrapers and powerful Lake Michigan waves.

I carry this with me.

A piece of my heart will always beat to the sounds of conversations floating between the colorful couches and vibrant plants within FBRK Impact House. Alive with possibility of collaboration at every turn – near the podcast room, and by the kitchens, beside the prayer room or by the downstairs bar. I am so honored to have been part of conceptualizing this space for many to dream and do great things together.

Much of my heart will always ride with the members of the Field Foundation board. Bold and forthcoming. Dedicated to not just hoping that the arc of history bends toward justice but busily grabbing and shaping that arc on the daily – from every perch they occupy personally and professionally. These are the giants whose dedication to changing the world is made manifest every time they enter a room.

The staff. Man oh man the staff. These stellar humans won’t be able to get rid of me. Their brilliance, candor, passion and love; it has fed and fortified me. It has been the greatest honor to walk with them and learn from them. Their work is your work, their voice, lifting your voice. They have changed the idea of what it means to practice justice, what defines artists and the arts, what leadership looks like and who can own narratives that shape our understanding of what actually is and what actually might be.

And deeply, deeply I will miss all of you. Everyday I’ve been at Field, I’ve learned from you and with you. I feel honored to have been able to get up to so much together. The work we’ve collectively done to ground philanthropy in racial justice is only just beginning. The organizers, artists, journalists and storytellers – you are the visionaries and bright lights. You are the hope for a new Chicago. You are the ones that will continue to hold us all to account.

It is truly because of my time at Field, deepening my practice with board, staff, each of you that I am taking this leap into what awaits me. This year of sitting still and being rooted in self has left us all asking what we can do with this one beautiful and complicated life. How do we make meaning? For those who do not know, I will soon join the incredible Skillman Foundation, based in Detroit and dedicated to children and youth. It has long been working on racial justice issues and on unlocking equity for young people in education systems and beyond.

Now, Detroiters don’t play. It is a Black and Brown city. It is a young city (median age is 34). They have been hard at work for some time on creating an equitable city that works for everyone. Skillman’s work is a model for how you live in the interstitial spaces between sectors, center youth voice and create massive change. And in this moment, after a year of uprisings led by young Black and Brown people, the opportunity to join this work in that city calls me in ways I can explain and in ways I cannot yet. Walking out on faith, I am heading into this new electric space ready to listen, learn and stretch into what awaits.

In the meantime, the Field Foundation and Chicago is teeming with true believers. Believers not in what is, but in what might be. My heart has expanded with all of you. My heart carries each of you.

Thanks for helping me grow and deepen my knowledge of myself. Thank you for making me smarter. Thank you for letting me take risks and be forthright in what is right and where I go wrong. All of the work only deepens after I leave.

Our work is rooted in the soil – and as the world opens up again, so do we, so do we.


With love and gratitude,



Leadership Investment Program Officer position

By Field News




Founded in 1940 by Marshall Field III, the Field Foundation is a private, independent foundation that has been dedicated to the promise of Chicago for over 80 years. The Field Foundation aims its grantmaking toward the goal of Community Empowerment through Justice, Art and Leadership Investment. With racial equity at the center of its giving, it directs dollars to critical organizations working to address systemic issues in Chicago and aims to directly benefit some of the city’s most divested communities.

At the heart of the Field Foundation’s work is a commitment to community-centered empowerment. Through its Leadership Investment work, the Foundation aims to recognize, honor, and support the deep bench of visionary leaders across Chicago by supporting both emerging and established leaders through its work in two primary areas: Support of Field Fellows program and individual leaders within the Chicago metro area through the Leaders for a New Chicago award program.  Through these supports, the Field Foundation acts as a connector, supporter, and investor in leaders who have the potential to transform Chicago.

To learn more about the Field Foundation’s work in Leadership Investment, please visit the website



If you believe that Chicago communities nurture and develop leaders, please consider applying for this exciting opportunity.

The Field Foundation’s Leadership Investment Program Officer is responsible for furthering the strategies within the Foundation’s Leadership Investment program. The role includes meeting formally and informally with leaders from a wide array of sectors primarily on Chicago’s South and West Sides and learning about what Chicago’s community-based leaders need most to thrive. A critical component of the work is studying the field of leadership to determine future opportunities for leaders. The Foundation believes the job of the Leadership Investment Program Officer is not only to manage the Leadership Investment program but to roll up one’s sleeves and unlock equity on behalf of Chicago.

The Foundation’s work in the area of Leadership Investment places an emphasis on racially equitable supports for leaders on the South and West Sides of Chicago with a focus on African, Latinx, Asian, Arab and Native American (ALAANA) organizations.



  • Lead and coordinate the programming of the Leaders for a New Chicago award that supports individual Chicago leaders and their affiliated organizations with award opportunities.
  • Lead all aspects of Foundation work with a racial equity lens.
  • Manage the selection process including communication and orientation of selection committee members.
  • Review of leader nominations for eligibility.
  • Based on selection committee recommendations, make award recommendations to be presented to the Field Foundation’s board of directors.
  • Engage with nonprofit partners through collaboration, learning, exchange and strategic partnerships at information sessions and through info meetings and other opportunities.
  • Assist COO with all Leadership grantmaking procedures, program planning and other duties as appropriate.
  • Convene funder and community-based briefings to advance the Foundation’s goals in its Leadership Investment work.
  • Create professional development opportunities for individuals and organizations.
  • Present portfolio overview and offer insights for board members regarding Leadership Investment and awards to individual Chicago based leaders.
  • Lead the Field fellowship program including interviews, selection and training of new fellows. Serve as mentor and manager to Field Fellows during and after their fellowship.
  • Speak and write about awardees on the Field Foundation’s website, conferences and in other forums.



  • Five years’ experience working in a nonprofit, philanthropy or government role with direct contact to communities most impacted by disinvestment with a focus on the Foundation’s priority areas of Art, Media & Storytelling or Justice.
  • Proven organizational management skills with the ability to mentor Field Fellows, manage, and develop external cohorts and collaborations, as well as setting and achieving strategic objectives.
  • Demonstrated ability to communicate and present ideas with clarity, credibility, humility, and tact; lead with “the why” and incorporate vision into messaging; tailor messaging to audience and maintain professionalism in speaking and writing.
  • Proven success operating in ambiguous and changing environments with the demonstrated ability to manage and prioritize projects; manage progress against goals for the Leadership Investment Program and the Foundation.
  • Possesses openness, responsiveness, and understanding of others’ perspectives with the demonstrated ability to maintain and build relationships through collaboration.
  • Experience with grants management software (Foundant) is a plus.
  • Knowledge of the city of Chicago, its history and its opportunities.



  • Proven ability to listen, discern challenges, and identify solutions; seeks and supports different perspectives and values a range of viewpoints but also comfortable making a final decision.
  • Partnership approach and ability to effectively work with different work styles.
  • A consensus-builder and collaborator; ability to interact with empathy and a sense of humor.
  • Deep passion for and commitment to honest and candid conversations and self-reflection about race, racial justice, and equity.
  • Simultaneously results and relationships-oriented.
  • Enthusiasm for organizational change and learning.



Operating at the intersections of art, justice, media & storytelling in Chicago—the Field Foundation is a unique place. It is both creative and collegial, a place for discussion and debate as its staff and board reflect Chicago’s racial diversity. The Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, gender identity or expression, color, national origin, ability, ethnicity, sex, ancestry, sexual orientation, age, religion or belief. The Field Foundation’s board and staff are strongly committed to a diverse and equitable work environment. People of all backgrounds, abilities, gender expressions, ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, religions, and nationalities are strongly encouraged to apply.




Benefits include health insurance, paid vacation, personal days, matching gift program, a generous 403b, and holidays.



Please submit your resume and a cover letter highlighting relevant experience and why you would like to work with the Field Foundation.

Submit your materials to Michelle Goldberg, and include “Leadership Investment Program Officer – (your name)” in the subject line.


To download the position description click here.