A letter to our colleagues, partners and friends on the journey we’ve taken at the Field Foundation from our President, Angelique Power


Two years.

Two years ago, I became president of this foundation and a collective journey began. At the heart of our work have been these central questions: Is racial equity in philanthropy even possible? Can the fallacy of philanthropic expertise fall away to create room for the nonprofit visionary to lead? In a city of such exquisite design— from bold architecture to systemic inequity— can we ask more of ourselves in philanthropy, listen more, talk less, focus on areas that have been disinvested in and lift the powerful organizations that have grown in spite of and in abstraction to that disinvestment?

Two years.

We’ve changed how we fund, who we fund, how we measure our work and our worth, how we think about our investments, and how we work to build trust with our partners, how we are calling all partners, to learn from and with and build something together for this city that deserves it. That is how we came to our new grantmaking model below.

Community Empowerment through, Justice, Art, Media & Storytelling and Leadership Investment.

Check our work. Track our progress. Hold us accountable to what we told you we aim to do. We promised 50 percent of our grantees would be headquartered on the South and West Sides of Chicago and 60 percent would be African Latinx Asian Arab and Native American (ALAANA) organizations. Did we deliver? Learn about some of our grantees who have taught us new things and created plate tectonic power shifts, have added depth, beauty and voice to our lives and the lives of Chicagoans. And promise us that you will continue to reach out, stop us in cafes, hug us before meetings start, challenge us in the grocery store. We are honored to be on this journey in lock step with each of you.


Angelique Power

President, The Field Foundation